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What is a link Shortener ?

It’s a powerful tool that convert long and tricky URLs into small links. It’s useful for exemple if you have long links from social media such as facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. You can turn them with one single click to a simple tiny URL. You can check the number of clicks received by your shortened URLs using our statistic tool.

Custom links without any registration

Our tool is simple to use, fast , and mobile friendly for a better experience. You don't need to register or pay to access this service and create bit links. Moreover, you can customize the name of your shortened URL to make it more professional. Take advantage of custom bit URLs to increase your click-through rate and the trust of users.

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Powerful dashboard and link management for free, Custom short URL, advanced analytics, branded URL, link retargeting based on devices or browsers, API, password protection, QR codes and much more.
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Some Statistics tool is used every day by many people all around the world, looking for a fast and easy way to create custom short links without registration.

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Our tools are simple and fast, paste a long link to get your shortened link


Use custom link url to make your shortened URLs more special


Bit urls have HTTPS (SSL) protocol and data encryption


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Each click counts, access to the exact number of clicks you've received on your URL

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